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Be Prepared this Hurricane Season
Hurricane season in Southeast Texas has proven to be very challenging these past few years and everyone needs to be prepared especially our seniors. There are many things that we need to do to ensure our safety and the safety of every individual in our area. We have all learned through the years that our weather is completely unpredictable so stay prepared. Hurricane season has already been active and let’s hope we never experience another Harvey again but if we do we need to better prepare ourselves. Please have a plan and make sure you stay informed of what is happening below are a few tips that may help us all stay prepared.

Register with 211! This is a program through Texas Health and Human Service Commission. Registering can help you find services that are available in your time of need.

Have a plan! Talk with friends and family and have an evacuation plan. Have emergency contacts readily available. Post them by a phone or store them in your cell phone. Make sure if you don’t have transportation someone is there to help you.

Have an emergency kit! Make sure you have enough medication for at least 2 weeks, a few change of clothes, place any information inside that could help such as identification, legal documents and health records. Make sure to identify your bag with a tag that includes your contact information.

Don’t forget about your pets! Our pets are usually a very close part of our family. For small pets have some sort of carrier and for large pets know where their leash and identifications are. Make sure large or small your pets are properly identified.

Stay up to date on what is happening in the community NEVER wait till the last minute to evacuate because someone may not be able to get to you. If possible have an out of state contact where you can evacuate or if that isn’t available find a place to go where you are with friends or family to ensure your safety and none of your loved ones have to worry.

Please read more on ready.gov
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