Riceland Diagnostic Imaging Center

Riceland Diagnostic Imaging Center specializes in imaging and radiology services. The ability to view the body through a non-invasive procedure has become invaluable. Riceland Diagnostic Imaging Center features advanced procedures and leading technology for state-of-the-art procedures. Riceland Imaging Center provides more detailed images while catering to specific patient needs. Riceland has certified radiologists and a team of highly trained technologists and professional clerical staff who provide clients with high quality imaging examination in a caring, comfortable and convenient environment.


At Riceland Diagnostic Imaging Center, we have the state-of-the-art patient friendly MRI Scanner.  Although patients can be scanned recumbent, standing or bending, they are typically scanned in a comfortable scanned position watching a 42” flat screen TV throughout the scanning process.

Because of the Standup MRI’s unique magnet configuration, there is nothing in front of the patient’s face or directly overhead to create a closed-in feeling. Patients no longer have to suffer from claustrophobic reactions commonly associated with tube or tunnel MRI Scanners.  We routinely scan patients that were unable to tolerate other MRI Scanners or who simply couldn’t fit in them, including patients weighing as much as 500 pounds.

The Standup MRI meets special needs, as well.  For patients who are physically unable to lie down, the Standup MRI is the only scanner that can accommodate them.  Young children are frequently anesthetized for their MRI scans to prevent motion artifacts. Since children can sit comfortably watching TV in the Standup MRI, the motion problem can be eliminated thereby avoiding the added expenses and risks of anesthesia. Finally, infants can be scanned risk-free, sleeping peacefully in their mother’s laps throughout their scans.

Knowing the full extent of pathology and the differences in anatomy between the upright and recumbent positions can be critical.  Lie down only MRIs cannot detect pathology that is visible only when the patient is scanned in an upright position.  A lie down scan may also underestimate the maximum degree of pathology and miss its dynamic nature.  Only the Standup MRI gives the complete picture of your patient’s problems.

The combination of its 0.6 Tesla magnet and its full complement of advanced RF receiver coils and software features enables the Standup MRI to produce images of outstanding quality.


At Riceland Diagnostic Imaging Center, we have two high resolution, 16 Slice CT machines.   Our CT scanner features a sophisticated detector system that provides super-thin slices for crystal clear, comprehensive images.  The scanner is engineered to generate the same high resolution in all three dimensions, allowing for multi-planar views of internal anatomical structures.

Diagnostic advantages:

Non-invasive alternative to angiography

Clearer anatomical visualization

Metal artifact reduction

Multiplanar Reconstructions

Our 16 slice CT technology has dramatically advanced and broadened the range of CT applications to include orthopedics, angiography, cardiology, and more.