Molecular technologist that is well versed in RT-PCR to help establish and grow the laboratories infectious disease department. Perform complex technical work involving molecular analysis of human biological materials. Extensive and complex steps requiring manual manipulation and pipetting, close monitoring and control, evaluation of data, and careful and accurate work. The ideal candidate can help develop and validate new Molecular testing techniques to bring on new samples.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Evaluate specimens received by the department and organize workflow to provide optimum efficiency of testing and turnaround time of results
  • Run daily testing
  • Perform instrument maintenance and method troubleshooting
  • Ensure quick turn-around times
  • Develop new Laboratory testing methods
  • Extract, denature and purify DNA from assorted specimen types
  • Perform PCR, hybridization, and genetic sequencing methods
  • Evaluate results to determine interference, inhibition, or other problems that arise during extraction, amplification, or sequencing of DNA
  • Perform quality control, validation, and other quality activities to verify performance of clinical assays
  • Maintain equipment by performing assigned maintenance activities and troubleshoot unexpected problems with equipment
  • Record data to monitor temperatures of incubation equipment
  • Evaluate inventory of supplies and reagents and communicate order needs
  • Operate complex equipment and computer programs related to equipment and LIS system.
  • Maintain records of test results and archives of data
  • Maintain a neat and clean work environment
  • Perform proficiency testing to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Assist department in writing and maintaining standard operating procedures for clinical assays. Document knowledge by reviewing and signing SOPs annually
  • Follow laboratory policies and procedures such as attendance and time reporting policies


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Genetics, Cell Biology or Biological Science
  • Experience with Quant studio and Bio fire
  • Four (4) years of previous NGS and PCR experience