The LCMS Operator performs laboratory tests and analyses to provide data as specified or required in a toxicology evaluation of patient samples. The LCMS Operator responsibilities include scheduling sample runs, solvent preparation, instrument set up, and evaluation of instruments performance, troubleshooting and maintenance of the instruments. The LCMS Operator understands and is familiar with SDL policies and procedures. The LCMS Operator is qualified to perform moderate to high complexity tests within the requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintains, troubleshoots, cleans, and performs minor repairs of all laboratory instrumentations.
  • Inventories reagents and supplies to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Handles hazardous materials, reagents, and chemicals in a safe manner in accordance with laboratory policy and procedures.
  • Manages workload to ensure timely delivery of analysis results.
  • Generate worklist for LCMS testing.
  • Responsible for initial data review to monitor test analyses and specimen examinations to ensure that acceptable levels of analytic performance are maintained.
  • Recognizes deviations from expected results and follow up appropriately.
  • Participates in proficiency testing and maintains a record of ongoing competency.
  • Participates in training other LCMS Operators.
  • Participates in meetings in order to achieve all laboratory goals.
  • Ensure the resolution of technical and clerical errors before volunteer results are reported or as soon as possible after patient results are reported.
  • Ensure the quality of service provided by the laboratory meets the requirements of all clients.
  • Ensure that a safe working environment is maintained and that safe working practices are employed.
  • Ensure that full and accurate data records are maintained.
  • Other duties are necessary.


Required: CLIA

  • Licensed MD/DO/DPM
  • Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Associate degree in Science.
  •  Have education or experience equivalent to an Associate degree AND graduated from a clinical laboratory training program OR have 3 months experience in each specialty of high complexity testing performed.
  • Prior to 04/24/1995, High School graduate or equivalent AND graduate from an HHS approved lab training program OR completed military Medical Lab Specialist (50 week) coarse.
  • Prior to 04/24/1995, High School graduate or equivalent AND documentation of training for high complexity testing AND if training before 01/19/1993, on site supervision is required when high complexity testing is performed.

Note: Must also provide documentation of training.



  • 3-5 years Laboratory experience.
  • 1-2 LCMS and Data Review experience preferable.